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Please visit the Church Website for an introduction to us a local church. Here you will find details of all our current activities.


Thank you for visiting this website. As a Church our aim is to provide a facility that will offer the local community with a space for their life events (baptisms, weddings and funerals) as well as community space for social events – i.e. public meeting spaces for clubs, societies and youth activities. In this local area of Wellingborough there is a distinct lack of provision for these activities. We feel the priority needs to go to supporting those community groups that find it difficult to hire premises at an affordable rate and we wish to help within the building we seek to provide.

We are now well into our fundraising activities. We need to raise £1.8m and so far have raised around £600,000 which is great and thanks go to all who have given to date. Grant making trusts are willing to help but many will not come on board until we can raise at least a third or some will not commit until a half has been raised – which amounts to £950,000.

Please will you help by “buying a brick” or more? We have priced these at £1 as an average price – this reflects the fact that some are blocks and others are bricks and our Architect estimates we will need around 45,000.

Thank You in advance for your support

Our Building Fund Church Website

The Building Fund Website contains a wide range of background information – including progress reports and photos and there is a “Contact Us” page to leave messages or ask for more information


Promotional Video

Please view the film to get an idea of what we are aiming to provide.